Smart Research, Unique Resources

There is no single way to reach a local consumer today. They see advertisements in the newspaper, online and even while driving down the street. They walk into stores and look at products. They compare notes with colleagues at work or with friends on social networks. They use search engines and read reviews.

Sophisticated Toolbox, Locally Led Team

To reach your audience in the ways that work best for your business, StarMedia has a wide range of marketing solutions, including search, email, social, website, apps, and even creative. We also have unparalleled research resources — both local and national — to help you find, understand, and motivate.

To keep it all relevant to your business and running smoothly, you have one local lead contact for your account. But you also have a team of experts across StarMedia and the USA TODAY NETWORK who work to implement and manage your program.

StarMedia helps you find and reach central Indiana consumers by creating an integrated marketing program that's unique for your business.

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